Monday, 12 April 2010

Willie Ross and Dr Who.

Lesley Macaulay has recently commented on the announcement of Willie Ross as the TUV candidate for East Londonderry

When she heard the news she replied:

‘The TUV attempting to bring back the old MP from the last century is a bit like the BBC trying to bring back William Hartnell as the new Doctor Who!’
She also added on a more serious note that 

'East Londonderry is crying out for a forward looking, full time, energetic and positive MP.  People are weary of the same old faces and the same old negative politics that makes no difference in their lives. I want to see positive change on jobs, the economy, tourism, education and health, for all of us. It’s time for a fresh start.’

If you want to get in touch with Lesley Macaulay, the Conservative & Unionist Parliamentary Candidate for East Londonderry, you can contact her on 078 6680 9031 or email her at

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