Monday, 19 April 2010

Only Conservatives and Unionists can strengthen influence at Westminster

Trevor Ringland
Trevor Ringland, Conservatives and Unionists candidate for East Belfast, speaks on who will be best placed to strengthen Northern Ireland's best interests at Westminster.

The idea that a tiny bloc of ‘ourselves alone’ DUP MPs at Westminster can have more influence over Northern Ireland policy than Conservative and Unionist MPs operating within the mainstream is frankly laughable.

Conservative and Unionist MPs elected from Northern Ireland will be part of UK-wide pro-union party; the DUP will be a stand alone rump trying to sell themselves to the highest bidder.

Conservative and Unionist MPs from Northern Ireland will be eligible to serve as ministers in government; no DUP MP will ever be a minister in a Westminster government.

Conservative and Unionist MPs from Northern Ireland will be able to influence government from the inside; DUP MPs will be permanently on the outside.

Conservative and Unionist MPs from Northern Ireland will back David Cameron who has said that he’ll never be neutral on the Union; DUP MPs are prepared to give us five more years of Gordon Brown and Shaun Woodward who are at best neutral on the Union.

“The whole of the DUPs strategy appears to be borrowed from the anti-Union Scottish Nationalists, who are campaigning for the political and economic instability of a hung parliament. They would marginalise and weaken Northern Ireland within Westminster.

“Instead, Conservatives and Unionists are campaigning for a decisive mandate for change, and end to Northern Ireland’s semi-detached status and participation in the mainstream of national, UK politics.”

“We will bring out the best in all our people in a Northern Ireland for all, inside a United Kingdom for all, and we will work constructively with all those with whom share this island.”

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