Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Ian Parsley on having a say in who will be in government

Conservatives and Unionists Westminster candidate Ian Parsley was out and about in North Down at the weekend with Ulster Unionist MLA Leslie Cree and supporters to engage with people at the doorstep as wel as gauge public opinion in one the its busiest shopping areas, Main Street, Bangor.

Ian Parsley, already a well known face in local council, said "I am encouraged by the response on the doorsteps. People are responding well to the need for us to bring national politics to Northern ireland and deliver a change of government. This applies right across the constituency."

Local Northern Ireland Assembly member Leslie Cree, in support of Mr Parsley's campaign, said "This is realistically the first time people in North Down will have a say on who will form the next Government of the United Kingdom.

"I believe, and none of the constituents I have met disagrees, Brown and Labour must go!

"Gordon Brown is responsible for destroying final salary pension schemes. He sold the country's gold reserves at the worst possible time, and he has accumilatied a massive deficit which our grandchildren are likely still to be repaying. It is crucial the Labour Party is replaced."

The group was supported by Owen Paterson, who may be the next Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. This is further evidence of the commitment to North Down shown by senior Conservatives.

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