Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Ross says Northern Ireland has everything to gain from 25 year plan for businesses

Ross Hussey,
Conservatives and Unionists candidate for West Tyrone.

The shocking misreporting of what David Cameron actually said does nothing to assist the debate on how we achieve what everyone knows needs to be done - namely the rebalancing of the Northern Ireland economy and the growth of local enterprises.

The Conservatives and Unionists already have plans to help businesses employ more people - by cutting corporation tax, stopping labour's tax on jobs, and promoting more flexible employment so that work pays.

No one disputes the need to tackle the UK's national debt and make public services more efficient. The UK will pay £42billion on interest payments this year alone. That is money that will never be spent on health, education or infrastructure. If we do not get the national debt undercontrol interest rates will also go up hitting every mortgage holder in Northern Ireland. We also risk the long-term economic stability of the UK. You only have to look at Greece to see how badly it can go wrong if national debt ets out of control.

In direct contrast to the policy Labour would be forced to adopt, the Conservatives and Unionists want to develop a 25-year plan to re-build the private sector in Northern Ireland and move away from our dependence on public funding in a managed way. It is essential there are Conservatives and Unionists elected as MPs to ensure this remains high on any incoming government's agenda.

Thus, the choice at this election is again clear. We can have five years of chaotic and unplanned cuts under Labour with no voice for Northern Ireland, or we can have change and the development of a 25-year economic plan for growth under the Conservatives and Unionists directly influenced by MPs from Northern Ireland.

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  1. Go for it Ross, Dissapointed to see no space for you on the facebook page, I know you are a big man, but come on. I am not in your area, but wish you every success.

    Vnny (your OU buddy)