Thursday, 15 April 2010

DUP election strategy is just to look for a free run

A Conservatives and Unionists spokesperson has said that the DUP's election strategy "speaks volumes about the reception they're getting on the doorsteps".

"Throwing leaflets at voters and asking opponents to step aside seems to be the DUP's latest 'clever device'.

"It comes as no surprise that a party employee acknowledged, on Facebook, that he would 'leaflet until the cows come home just leave out the human interaction'. Let's be honest, how could you sell what the DUP have to offer with a straight face?

"Given the public backlash over accusations against their Party leader and the flood of criticism over their 'swish' families' expenses claims, I would imagine the doorsteps on the DUP campaign trail are distinctly chilly. In that context, it's no wonder their campaign amounts to drowning voters in literature.

"Now, not content with reaching an accommodation over Fermanagh and South Tyrone, they're positively begging for their opposition to step aside in South Belfast and even West Tyrone!

"If this is their best shot at an election strategy, then they mustn't have much faith in their campaign.

"They don't want to talk to the voters, they're desperate for other parties to step aside, and poor Peter is being victimised by the media…. Perhaps the DUP should just take their ball and go home."

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