Saturday, 1 May 2010

Reg says McCrea's claims on South Antrim are ludicrous

Sir Reg Empey,
Conservatives and Unionists candidate for South Antrim

I would like to thank Mr McCrea for his concern about how well my campaign is going and would like to assure him that I have been and continue to be very active on the ground in South Antrim in addition to carrying out my Ministerial duties.

With regard to the GMU programme, there was indeed a mis-understanding but in no way could I be said to have been avoiding either the media or the public.

To date I have been involved in, the UTV Party Leaders' debate, the Newsletter webchat, UTV Live, BBC Newsline, BBC Hearts and Minds, a panel debate on the local radio station Seven FM and and given countless interviews to our local print jouralists.

I have also canvassed extensively in South Antrim including Carnmoney, Ballyduff, Ballyclare, Antrim town, Randalstown and Templetpatrick. Today I have been in Crumlin, Glenavy, Straid and Ballyeaston and have met a great many of - what Mr McCrea so condescendingly describes as - ordinary people.

The curious thing is that in all my travels in South Antrim I have not come across a single DUP canvasser. It is as if they have put up their posters and all gone to ground.

I would suggest that someone may indeed be "terrified" in the South Antrim campaign. But it isn't me.

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