Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Conservatives and Unionists - the only party who cares about the Creative Industries

Only the Conservatives and Unionists replied 

And only the Conservatives and Unionists will deliver.

Here's what we had to say:

The Conservatives and Unionists believe that the Creative Industries have an important role to play in the growth of Northern Ireland's economy. Many businesses in the Creative Industries are small and under a Labour government have faced a struggle to establish themselves, to build and to expand. Many young people coming out of universities are planning to start their own businesses. They have an entrepreneurial spirit and have been inspired by others from Northern Ireland who have built careers and businesses here and around the world. They know Northern Ireland can be a hub for the Creative Industries and the Digital Economy, but they face enormous problems establishing themselves.
The Conservatives and Unionists will make the process of starting and running a business easier and reduce the costs.
It is the link between the Conservatives and Unionists in Northern Ireland and the support we will give a Conservative government that will benefit the Creative Industries. We will be a voice within a Conservative government where the real decisions will be made about how all our industries will flourish. Any new business started in the first two years of a Conservative government will pay no Employer National Insurance on the first ten employees it hires during its first year. This is crucial assistance to young entrepreneurs who have the vision and drive that Northern Ireland needs for our economy to prosper.
Many businesses in the Creative Industries require and rely on technological infrastructure here in Northern Ireland and through out the UK to reach and supply their customers. Being in Northern Ireland is not a disadvantage to many in the Creative Insustries. With better connectivity, businesses here can work for customers around the world. We will deliver a faster more widely available broadband infrastructure and link our Creative Industries globally. In Northern Ireland we recognise the potential of project Kelvin and we will work with our Ulster Unionist colleagues to ensure that the project's economic potential is maximised.
Entrepreneurs will be supported through a network of business mentors and provide loans to entrepreneurs who are just starting out. And all those forms you need to fill in when you are starting a business will be a thing of the past. A "one-click" registration model will make the UK the fastest place to start a business.
We have heard small and medium sized businesses complain about endless problems with government procurement. We will open up government procurement to small and medium sized businesses by reducing admin costs with the ambition that 25% of government contracts go to SMEs. Businesses in the Creative Industries are suppliers to government and will continue to be. We want to make it easier for them to work with government. We will work with the Northern Ireland Assembly to ensure best practice throughout the UK.
Conservatives and Unionists will get the UK working by boosting enterprise - so we'll cut corporation tax rates, abolish taxes on the first ten jobs created by new businesses, promote green jobs, and get people off welfare and into work. And we'll stop Labour's jobs tax which would wreck the recovery.
Conservatives and Unionists will look at specific measures to turn Northern Ireland into an economic 'Enterprise Zone'. We will bring forward a government paper to look at the mechanisms for a different corporation tax rate in Northern Ireland.
We recognise that the Labour Government has neglected the crucial Digital Economy up until now and that legislation is urgently needed. We support the ambition of the Digital Economy Bill and much of what it contains. But we will not support specific measures which prop up old business models and create unnecessary duties.

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